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Why QuinaPro?

QuinaPro Human products are made of the highest grade products available made in the USA, grown in the USA and the Nano CBD is extracted in the USA. (Not China)  The Equine products have been developed by Horsemen that understand many of the issues we all face with our animals. All of our products are free of pesticides, contaminants, heavy metals and solvents, using an environmentally friendly extraction process of Hemp and Terpenes. In addition, our proprietary blends are PATENTED for equine products containing no drug or substance considered a Class I or Class II substance as defined in the most recent edition of American Racing Commissioners International Uniform Classification Guidelines for Foreign Substances.

Non-psychoactive HEMP EXTRACT and TERPENES have been studied extensively for over 3 decades in animal and human models. We encourage you to do your own research about the many medical benefits of CBD Hemp extract and Terpenes that have been done. Our products are 100% free of any ingredients that will cause any type of tranquilizing effects, but rather works on brain receptors to alleviate excess stress and anxiety, along with supporting many other ailments.

Our clients have been successfully using QuinaPro products for:
Relieving the anxiety and stress of show situations, hauling, clipping, general handling problems etc.
Separation anxiety
Reducing inflammation
Reducing and elimination seizures and convulsions

In extensive studies, CBD Hemp extract and Terpenes have shown to treat a variety of medical issues such as Nervous system degeneration, muscle spasms, managing psychosis, promoting bone growth, inhibiting cell growth in tumors, and many other ailments. Once again, we encourage you to do your own research on the many health benefits that have been studied and form your own conclusions!

As long time horsemen, our aim is to help our animals live a high quality life without using products that can cause long or short term health issues, in addition to ever growing costs. We have developed an easy to administer product for equines that maximizes absorption with the proper dosing for effectiveness. We understand your daily challenges and your ultimate desire to treat your animals with care and respect. It is our goal to provide products that improve the quality of life for your valued partners in and out of the show ring!

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