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QuinaPro LLC.
QuinaPro LLC.2 years ago
QuinaPro Hand Sanitizer Spray with and without CBD. 60ml 400 plus pumps. Please read the Gel vs Spray document.
QuinaPro LLC.
QuinaPro LLC.2 years ago
QuinaPro LLC.
QuinaPro LLC.3 years ago
We've had a lot of questions about the USEF ruling on CBD and who it affects. This ONLY affects shows that are goverened by USEF rules. The breeds that are not member organizations of the USEF(AQHA, Paint, etc.) use different rules and CBD is not a banned subsance. CBD is not a tranquilizer or sedative.

Always check your prize lists to make sure that none of the divisions you are showing in fall under USEF rules.



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