Physicians Only

Physicians Only

QuinaPro LLC makes honest products that support and complement the Physicians Body of Work:

Physicians, Chiropractors, Veterinarians, Physical Therapists and Mental institutions.   QuinaPro NANO CBD takes CBD to the next level of patient care and support.  Physicians have experienced first-hand the difficulties and complex dilemmas in treating patients suffering from chronic pain.  From a medical management perspective, the treatment of pain is at a crossroads.

QuinaPro LLC began as a company that
studied and developed a proprietary nano-emulsified Hemp extraction for
exceptional Bio-Availability.  Nano CBD is a type of isolate.
This means that the Terpenes were removed during the extraction
process, leaving behind pure CBD.
Its opposite is full-spectrum, where the Terpenes are left behind.
Full-spectrum is sometimes viewed as being better than extracted isolate
because Terpenes allow for the entourage effect to happen.  QuinaPro
products have 8-10 times better and quicker absorption than the
many oil based products on the market. We have had multiple customers
tell us that they have tried oil based Hemp extract previously and that
they thought our product worked much better for them!
Whether you are just looking to offer an alternative non-addictive
approach to pain management for your patients or you have professionals that are concerned about drug testing in their line of work, QuinaPro Nano CBD is a true ZERO THC product.
QuinaPro products have the highest Bio-availability in the market compared to 10% from oil based CBD.  You will feel confident in your selections and in your own health recommending QuinaPro to your patients.

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